Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Note to Self 2: Cups in the Car

One of the things I love about my newest daughter-in-law is how much she enjoys laughter.  Since Amber reminded me afresh about the immense value of laughter in her recent blog post, I thought I'd share a quick EEUUGH! from yesterday.

The day before David and I had shared lunch at Sonny's, our favorite BBQ establishment and carried away large "to-go" cups of drink for later.  I drank one Sunday afternoon, then worked on the second cup yesterday, refilling the big foam cup with my own iced tea as I worked at my dining room "desk".  I dashed out late in the afternoon, hoping to make a stop at Home Depot for soil and shovels quickly enough to afford me an early arrival time and vacant swim lane when I got to the pool.

I put the car in park, turned and pulled the keys, and grabbed the to-go cup in the holder for a swig.  Suck on the straw, feel lemon seed-sized object in mouth followed immediately by YOWWW....that's a STING!
Turn and spit out the open door and see a light gray SPIDER shooting out and scrambling for cover - NOT a lemon seed.

Note to self:  Do NOT, under any circumstances, drink from cup left in car overnight, without visually checking the contents first.

As I lay in bed this morning, slowly becoming aware that "yes, it really is 5:25, that was the alarm going off, and I do have begin my day", one body-awareness thought dominated all the "sore muscles? joints?" assessments:  Dang, my tongue hurts!