Monday, August 9, 2010

Multitude Monday: Tasting Joy

holy experience

The overcast morning with periodic sprinkles, spits, and spasms of rain made me reconsider a solitary bike ride to the beach.  While the gray sky and light rain part are perfect for the soul that is drying around the edges and feeling the need for outdoor solitude, the spasms of rain are not only uncomfortable but also downright dangerous to a cyclist on a road where drivers are already often more engrossed with the scenery than the bike lane occupant on their right.  

So instead, after a brief survey of the back yard I grabbed garden gloves and branch cutters, climbed the ladder and tackled the overgrown bougainvillea.  A few minutes of battling physical thorns should provide the space my mind needed to unkink and stretch....and savor gratitude moments, tasting the joy once again :

36.  for the empty, lid-less plastic jar near the front door. signalling much recent bug and lizard catching activity

37.  for the 3 year old suddenly dashing out the front door and who, when questioned, announces "I'm going to let the lizard go so he won't die"....

38.  for the sunset so wide both in color range and height that I had difficulty keeping my eyes facing forward, eastward on the road in front of me, instead of staring in my rear view mirror

39.  for the gift of a morning walk in the park accompanied by sunlight AND a gentle rain

40.  for the 5 year old boy so entranced by the stories and people of The Chronicles of Narnia that he peppers his conversation with character exploits and Narnia trivia questions

41.  for the severely raw throat I garnered as consequence of screaming in rage at my husband of 35 years (I am all for mining the gold of natural consequences - in my life or others)

42. for a reliable, safe, "kiwi green" car to drive 

43.  with effective A/C 

44.  and a bike rack on top

45.  and flexible seating and storage 

46.  and plastic, not carpeted floors, 

47.  for vacuuming out sand from the beach that stuck to small feet

47.  after a morning of play at beach and park

48.  for the playground merry-go-round - an "old-time" treasure 

49.  amidst challenging play structures

50.  and climbing rocks

51.  on a playground shaded by moss-covered oaks

52.  peopled by active day-campers playing capture the flag

53.  and kind middle school girls who don't retreat from the "social strange-ness" of P,

54.  who invite her to conversation and a moment of inclusion.

55.  for sauteed spinach 

56.  and portobello mushrooms

57.  and onions and ham

58.  folded into egg and white omelet 

59.  with swiss and fat-free feta cheese

60.  for a "savor every bite"  sunday morning breakfast

61.  for 4 month old boy who now snuggles up close, wrapping his arms so his hands grip the sides of my chest 

62.  and who stays quietly content wrapped just so, while I sway on the couch or sit on the chair

63.  his eyes open, peacefully gazing at mother and father

64.  or eyelids drooping, heavy with sleep

65.  the coos, chortles, and quiet "conversation" of this same boy with his mother and father

66.  his mimicry of their speech so obvious, so intent

67.  for this repeated miracle lesson about the development of speech

68.  and how we are all formed and shaped by our relationships, within family

69.  for the wonderfully consistent love and provision and nurture my parents gave me

70.  and its doorway to healthy personality and trust in a God who Loves

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  1. #41 cracks me up, #48 makes me sick, but I agree and I love the pic of Isaac and Eli. It describes their personalities so well.