Monday, December 27, 2010

Working Man

holy experience

On this Multitude Monday I give thanks for David, my husband of 35 years, as provider.  

Thank you, David, for working so diligently to provide so well for me, our children, and our grandchildren over all our years together.  I am grateful that you are a man who sees the opportunity to work hard to provide for your family as a blessing and that you simply love to work.

Thank you for being willing to leave the house in the dark of morning all these years of our marriage, to work long days, and then come home to love and play with your family.

I'm grateful that you've been willing to dream, push forward and take calculated risks that have enabled our business to grow and provide for many.

I'm also very grateful for your integrity.  I've seen you tell the truth and do what was right, even when it was costly, time and time again.  

I thank God for the care and compassion you have for the employees (and their families!) who have worked alongside us in the business.

I greatly appreciate your humility in apologizing to me, you sons, and your employees when you have realized your  "bad behavior" toward of us.  So many people refuse to humble themselves publicly when they have been wrong - what a gift to have a strong husband who nevertheless humbles himself before a child, a wife, an employee, a contractor.  Thank you.

Thank you for trusting God to provide work and payment and wisdom during some very challenging seasons of our company.

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